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In Villar-Aragón Clinic we are a multidisciplinary team, professionals specialized in different disciplines so we can carry out a comprehensive approach adapted to the necessities of each patient: Osteopathy area, Physical Therapy area, Readjustment area, Biomechanics, Functional and Sport Recovery, Invasive Physical Therapy, Alternative Therapies in Physical Therapy area, also collaborating with the best podiatric and visual therapy centers in Úbeda, Marbella, and Granada, among others. We understand that we have to treat the patients as a whole, focusing not only on the reason why they come to us, usually pain or functional impotence, but also on the origin or main cause of their problem. It is here where we deepen our care, we get to the bottom of the injury which impedes or reduces the quality of their daily life or sport performance, and we try to avoid any relapses.

Villar-Aragón Clinic was born in January 2003 with the objective of creating a specialized center and a reference for its methodology of work and treatment of its professionals.

From the beginning we have cared for the instruction and selection of our team, so we can offer the best from ourselves guaranteeing the best result. A true calling taken to an authentic lifestyle. The evidence is the continuity of the same team of professionals through the years, a family characterized by our decision and perseverance, conforming a excellent team, and the satisfaction and fidelity of our patients in a well-informed and demanding society.

With a wide range of experience treating athletes, Villar-Aragón Clinic team looks after everyday patients with different pathologies from the start, and also deals with the injuries of members of loyal institutions and associations, such as Escuelas Deportivas Municipales of Úbeda, Asociación Deportiva “Úbeda Viva”, Club Baloncesto Marbella, or the innovative service of osteopathy of University Hospital San Rafael in Granada, from the Orden Hospitalaria de San Juan de Dios. Moreover Villar -Aragón Clinic is a pioneer in the treatment and prevention in the torero , among others, the preparation and care bullfighting season since 2005 onwards the matador Enrique Ponce.

After all these years of experience, we have expanded our services and work philosophy since we receive patients from everywhere. A dedication given to physical therapy, osteopathy, and functional recovery, which is evident with the opening of a new center in 2014 with the same determination, in the city of Marbella, the epicenter of Costa del Sol, as the well-established clinic in the city of Úbeda, and in 2015 with the creation of the osteopathy service in the Hospital Universitario San Rafael de Granada, from the Orden Hospitalaria de San Juan de Dios.

The Villar-Aragón Physical Therapy, Osteopathy, and Functional Recovery I+D+I area has also been created this year. A social project has started, where our team is taking part in an active information, sharing, and broadcasting program about a good quality physical therapy, with professional articles, interesting news, agreements, partnerships, talks and conferences, spots on radio, television, press and internet, to bring health, everybody’s right, closer to society. The name of this program is #ponunfisioentuvida and the slogan “Prevention is better than treatment!”

In 2015 the Social Villar-Aragon #ponunfisioentuvida , Clinics Program is co -founder of Solidarity Gala Jaen and the awards are handed out during the course of it are created.

“Know the anatomy and physiology, but when you lay your hands on a patient never forget there is a living soul inside”

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still
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