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    “Today it seems inevitable that our style of life pushes us to disfunction: lack of rest, not paying attention to our diet, psychological, work related or family stress, and physical stress either through sedentariness or through excessive sport practice. We are immerse in daily tension. Getting ahead of injuries, anticipating the causes, and visiting the physical therapist and the osteopath regularly, that is quality of life. Prevention is better than treatment”
    Víctor Villar-Aragón

    The Clinic

    Exclusive facilities, a highly qualified young human team in continuous formation, with credited experience, working since 2003 in the cities of Ubeda and Marbella, 150 and 300 square meters to the service of physical therapy, osteopathy and functional recovery. Since 2015 present at the University Hospital San Rafael in Granada being pioneers in Spain in introducing osteopathy in hospitals. We treat personally and individually each patient helping them overcome the pain or injury and helping them to recover their physical and physiological capability until they manage to get a biomechanical and functional balance in the shortest possible time. We have specialized in the efficient treatment of locomotive system pathologies with a new methodology and procedures developed by our specialists, obtaining great results in the functional recovery and reeducation of patients, becoming a reference point center. 

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    Víctor Villar-Aragón interviewed by “El Club De Las Ideas” on Canal Sur TV and by “Marbella Ahora” on RTV Marbella.

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